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- Have previously or intend to organise a devMeet.
- State such when requesting to join.

:bulletblue: Journal Submissions must contain the majority of information regarding a meet. There may be a duplicate on your own page, but there shouldn't be more information externally (this excludes official pages/websites for locations/events).

Journals should include:

- Up to date attendance lists
- Date/time and meeting points
- Details of event that are clear and understandable.
- Details of any restrictions (i.e. age limits)

Comments made on a journal you create on britain will go in to your inbox so you won't miss them. See previous blog posts for examples.

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Our affiliates are British based groups specifically for Art, devMeets, shared interests and regional specific. These are groups we feel suited to our member base.

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Founded 12 Years ago
Oct 31, 2002


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1,260 Members
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Recent Journal Entries

One last push for attendees!
Meeting will be at The Albert memorial for 12pm, weather isn't looking too promising, please bring umbrella waterproofs just in case. if it gets too bad we will be moving into the science museum.


Zombie game CANCELLED due to possibly low attendance. May play Ninja instead


It is that time of year again, time for the annual DevMeet Picnic :D (Big Grin)

This will be the 5th year this picnic has run and like the previous years, I hope that this one will be a big success.

So here's all the info you may need; (Most of these points are for newcomers or are based on previously asked questions. if you are a regular, just read the points that apply to you)

Whats the plan?

We will be meeting at either Albert Memorial in Hyde Park at 12'oclock. From there we shall head into the park itself and set us base for the picnic. For the picnic itself, each attendee should bring along an item of picnic food to share. If each person brings something along, there will be more then enough for everyone.

Where is the Albert Memorial and how do I get to it

The memorial is to the south of Hyde Park, opposite the Royal Albert Hall. Here is what it looks like -->… and here is a map showing where it is -->…
Nearby tube stations are High Street Kensington and Knightsbridge. If you aren't from London and unsure where to go, send me a message and I shall write you out the directions from your nearest station.

What food should I bring?

Anything you want, just as long as you bring something. With the list of attendees below this journal, I shall write what each attendee is bringing so you can get an idea what to bring. For example, if the list has a lot of people bring cakes, bring something savoury instead. Another idea is to bring things like plastic cutlery, plastic cups, plates as we will be needed those also.
Please note that alcohol is fine to bring, but you must be of age, drink responsibly and keep it away from minors.

This will be my first meet, I won't know anyone there 

Everyone past and present who has been to a meet will have been in the same boat, just talk to anyone you come across. most of us are friendly, you'll find new friends pretty damn quickly

What else will be happening during the day?

Besides the eating of food, the idea is to just enjoy ourselves in the park with nice weather (hopefully). Bring along any sketchbooks, cameras, musical instruments or any outdoorsy stuff like Nerf guns, frisbees, stuff like that.

Will we play the zombie game?

Not this year i'm afraid

What happens is it rains?

With this being Britain, its the roll of the dice guessing what the weather is going to be like. In case it actually does rain, and I'm talking about the heavy stuff, then if we are the Albert Memorial the plan will be to walk over to the National History Museum. Rain plan for the arch is undecided.

What time will the picnic end?

There isn't a set time, the day will end when people naturally start to depart. The remaining regulars will most likely be heading to the pub afterwards, which as long as you are 18+, you are welcome to join us at. Otherwise you are free to head off whenever you wish.

Can I bring a friend or parent with me? Even if they aren't from DeviantArt?

No... ok... yes then, as long as they also bring cake

Can I bring some weed?

No... we cannot stress this enough.

I cant make that date/that date clashes with another event

It would be a shame if you cant make it, but I would not be able to change the date at this point.

My parents wont let me go

Again, that is a shame. But you can tell them that they are more then welcome to come along also if that would make them feel better.

This all sounds good, so how do I sign up?

Just reply to this journal stating that you wish you come. Remember also to write what you would likely bring with you to the picnic. You can change your mind, but its to get an idea about what we will have with us. Even if you wish to come but are unsure if you can yet, still reply and I can take you off the list if you are then unable to come.

That's about it really. If there are any further questions, then please feel free to send me a message.

The List


greenie + (curvylemon)


l33tc4k3 - Despair & Gin
Madeau - brownies and other homemade bits and bobs

ShelleyAnderson - Beats, cookies and millionaire shortbreads



More Journal Entries


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Next meet in planning, is the Hyde Park Picnic Meet on the 19th July
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One of these days, it'd be cool if you used Brighton as a meet location
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I used to host them but they don't happen anymore because they were too much work for one person to organise and no one else wanted to do it.

If you want to organise one, go ahead...
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Ah I see.
Hmm, that's a thought....such a daunting task.

I'll see what I can think of.
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If you're interested there is also Sussexdeviantsif you want.
I own the group and am more than happy to allow you to be a contributor if you wish to organise events of people who are in your immediate area...

Up to you, but like, it's full of members, but no one uses it really right now...
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